Welcome to MiHIA

Our unique and collaborative approach allows stakeholders to achieve far more together to improve health than any of us can do alone! MiHIA exists to facilitate a healthier community and region, and is done by focusing on a proven combination of elements called “The Quadruple Aim”: better care experiences, better health, affordable care while improving the work life of health care providers, clinicians and staff.

Value to the Region


MiHIA's vision for a thriving health community is realized through the efforts of our multi-stakeholder collaborative model. Collectively, we work to achieve a healthier community and region for us all.

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Call-to-Action for
Population Health


“Call-to-Action for Population Health” Speaker Circuit is an educational endeavor targeted at equipping and empowering people to take charge of their health, and more broadly, transforming the health of their community.

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The mission of the Health and Economic Initiative is to deliver improved health and sustained economic growth in our communities.

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